Christmas Lights

I’m in Perth for Christmas this year and I am really enjoying spending time with everyone here! 💕 There is always so much to catch up on. After dinner with some friends, one person came up with the idea of driving around to see the Christmas Lights people put up. The trip was quickly planned by “consulting” with the Channel 7 website. There was so much interest that we’ve packed 2 cars of people in the end. I have to say that we have not done this before in my family so I was very surprised to see so many people turning up at each location! One of the house was so popular that we had to park 2 streets down the road. The front lawn of that house was so full of kids and laughter. I was quite impressed with one house’s snow machine. I got wet but it was fun. 🎉


2 Replies to “Christmas Lights”

    1. Thanks! I am having a great time. You are so right, who would complain about 10 days off from work?! 🙂
      Holiday is never long enough though :p 2nd Jan, I will be back to work again!


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