Dad's Garden

It’s summer and it’s home. Dad’s garden is blooming and looking so beautiful as usual! It’s really dad’s garden because we hardly touch it. Dad works twice in the garden daily, 6am and 7pm, set routine. Other than roses, there is a veg patch and some fruit tress. Dad likes to mix things up a bit too. For example the tree below is a cross of lemon and lime. I’m not sure if its eatable but dad had fun making it and we have fun looking at it. 😃 I love to spend time in the garden even though I have hay-fever! 😅 I think everyone needs a little garden to work on, whether its a thing in your heart or in your backyard. It stores your secrets, joy and happiness; it relaxes you and cleanses you from the life’s troubles; what’s more, its your own creation.



4 thoughts on “Dad's Garden”

  1. Hi Hua,

    Your Dad’s flowers look so beautiful, he must spend a lot of time in his garden to make them look so nice. thank you for sharing them with me.


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