UK Trip 2014 – London

londonThe flight was so long. I kept walking around, eat (funny that I still felt hungry even though I did nothing but sitting there), nap and watch movies:

I took Ben’s advise and booked a car with Swift. The driver held a name card at the arrival and we were at the hotel within 30min.

Day 0

london_hotelOMG, after what seemed like a life time of flying, finally, I’ve arrived in London! 😮

I’m staying at the Millennium Bailey’s Hotel Kensington. This is a nice hotel at a great location. The local bus, hop on and hop off bus  and the Tube station are all across road. There are plenty shops (Tesco & Waitrose), hotels, restaurants, bars and pubs around. I love the gardens and parks here too. It’s in walking distance to Knightsbridge, Hyde Park, Kensington Palace, V&A Museum etc.

It rained only one morning since I’ve arrived in UK. The sun is hot during the day and the air is crisp clear at night – perfect! The day light lasts from 5am to 9pm – just right for get out and about.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

london_artDay 4

I discovered Ricola drops in London and I had it with me during the whole trip, very addictive.

Five days in London was great and I really enjoyed it. However, it felt like that I was just ticking off places on a to-go list. I have seen all those places on TV etc and now I have seen them in person. Nothing had shocked me yet, the TV shows were telling the truth! 🙂 It was getting a bit boring and I was looking forward to leave for Scotland.



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