UK Trip 2014 – Edinburgh

I love Edinburgh!

The receptionist at the hotel told me that it would be quicker to go to the King’s Cross train station by the Tube than taxi. It took me 30min on the Tube from Gloucester Road to the King’s Cross train station, not difficult at all.

Not many people were at the Platform 9 3/4 so I had a photo taken in front of it. 🙂 By 9am, there was a long queue of people waiting to take photo there and the station staff had to put signs around to keep things in order.

The train trip was booked a month ago with East Coast Co. and it cost £80 return from London to Edinburgh. I’ve got a seat with table and power plugs (make sure you specify when make a booking). First class tickets include food and wifi while standard class tickets have only 15min of free wifi, you pay for everything else. The train stops at a few stations. The look of the York station made me want to get off and have a look around. Again, it was a sunny day with blue sky and the view of the English countryside was spectacular! After Newcastle, the train line touches the coast of Scotland. Imaging that looking out of the window, you first saw the lush grass coving the cliff, sheep lazing around, beyond that, the ocean was the backdrop. It was an amazing view that stretch for miles. I’m staying at Carlton Hill Edinburgh. It’s an amazing place! Edinburgh is an amazing place. I’m so in love with it and I’ve only been here for a few hours. The sky is so blue, the hills, the trees are so green and the wild flowers are blooming like crazy everywhere (so is my hayfever!). It’s like another world comparing with London. I cannot wait to explore more of the city tomorrow.

I was lost for words walking around Edinburgh. I love this city more by the second. It didn’t matter where I looked, Edinburgh was a perfect picture. The day was spent walking around the old town, the new town (nothing new about the new town, its built in 1700s :p), the royal mile, Edinburgh Castle etc. Edinburgh is not big, even though the tram was running, I still preferred walking. The bus ticket was cheaper than London but you need to have the right change. If you plan to go to the Edinburgh Castle, make sure that you watch the One o’clock Gun fire at 13:00 hours (every day except Sunday). I didn’t plan for it but I was lucky. :p It was so loud because I was steps away from the canon. Very cool!! I looked up for the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo though but it was not meant to be. I saw them putting up the ground at Edinburgh Castle. I was amazed how small the ground was – it looked so much bigger on TV! I shared this thought with others later on and everyone seemed to feel the same.


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