UK Trip 2014 – Long Way Home

It was a long way home indeed! Everything went smoothly but it took me almost a day to get back home! After 6.5 hours of flying from Heathrow to Dubai International, I floated around the airport like a ghost to keep myself awake. I was NOT looking forward to another 10+ hours flight to Sydney even though I kept telling myself that at the end of this trip, there would be a hot shower and my own bed to look forward to! 🙂

The shops were all open at 3am in Dubai International so I bought a few things to support their economy. I soon lost interest because I was so tired that it took more effect to just keep myself awake. I walked around like a zombie for a long while!

On the Sydney to Dubai flight, the girl who was sitting next to me cried her eyes out watching the Winter’s Tale so I watched RoboCop (2014) instead. It was okay, nothing special. 😦 To continue on the super hero theme, I put on Captain America: the Winter Soldier. Again, nothing special. The plane landed in Dubai when I was half way through the Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I was able to finish it on the next flight. On the flight to Sydney, I opt to Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and Frasier Season 1 box set, hoping that it would put me into sleep! 🙂 It did not work; I ended up watching the whole box set – a great Australian drama!

The man who sat next to me on the Heathrow to Dubai flight started to sing along while watch the Classic Hindu Songs. I wondered if he knew how loud he was or cared if others were listening. It was funny at first until I saw that what he was watching was 1.3 hours long! Thank God that his mobile rang so he had a loud chat with whoever on the phone and did not go back to his singing. We couldn’t even leave our mobile phones along on a short flight these days.

I must have been one of the first 10 people to clear Customs at Sydney. The trick was to go to the first e-passort machine outside of the duty free instead of the ones at Customs. The annoying thing was that my luggage did not come out until 20 minutes later! A negative point for be on an A380 – it took longer to unload! Oh well, at least, the good news was that I was standing on the ground again and home, sweet home! 💕


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