Asia Trip 2015 – Sleepless In Hong Kong

Chinese say that 4 is not a lucky number, clearly 04/04 is worse and it was totally true – I’ve had a terrible run today! 😢 ☹️

The flight from Sydney to Hong Kong was delayed and the connecting flight from Hong Kong to Taipei left without me. 😦 Apparently, it was also the last flight for the day to fly over the channel. I was stranded in Hong Kong for the night with just my passport and a wallet in my bag. Note to self, I should always put an extra pair of undies in my carry on!

This is part of the fun of traveling – dealing with problems on the go, regardless how well I planned for weeks before the trip. 🙂 I actually have never been left stranded with no luggage before. Sigh, there is always a first hey. I started to wonder what else could go wrong now.

After some negotiation, the airline put me in the Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel. I’d gave it 5 stars for the facility and the service! It was 12am when I checked in and I have to get up in 5 hours. I planned to watch some movies but after a hot shower, I pretty much passed out. 😃

5 hours went so quickly and before I knew, I was on my way back to the airport – I won’t want to miss my plane again, do I?! I have not been in Hong Kong for at least 5 years and I still don’t like the humidity. I had lots good memories here, mainly the great food! 😃 There was nothing special in the Hong Kong airport. I didn’t expect to queue up for food this early in the airport though. Why don’t they have gyms in the airport? I’m sure people will use them, especially now they ask you to arrive in the internation airport hours before your departure. I walked around the airport for some excise and then hogged on the free wifi. I should soon arrive in Taipei drama free! fingers crossed 🤞


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