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Road Trip WA 2016 – Walpole & Nornalop

Road Trip Day 1

We planned to leave Perth at 8am. We actually left Perth around 9.30am due to the last minute search of a GPS. I decided not to get upset about it. 🙂

Our first resting stop: Bunbury. It’s been years since I last visited Bunbury. We drove straight to the Marlston Hill Lookout Tower. It was a bit windy at the top of the tower but the view was stunning (see featured photo). It’s a great resting point.

Lighthouse at Bunbury
Bunbury, WA
Bunbury beach

The sandy beach of Bunbury. I took this photo while dad ran onto the beach to chase his hat. 🙂 I caught a photo of him with his arms in the air (trying to hold onto his hat) and his hat floating in the air too (flying away). I laughed every time when I saw that photo.

The second part of the drive was not boring. There were plenty stopping/resting points at one of the little towns along the route. We kept eating and chatting. The view was gorgeous whence we entered the Southern Forest Region of WA. Giant tress covers both side of the road. It was a fantastic drive. I was also pulled over 3 times by the cops checking for alcohol, 3 times!

We stayed at Nornalup Riverside Chalets. It was difficult to book for an overnight accommodation during Easter. Marge was nice enough to take us in. The Chalets are located on the  Riverside Drive by the side of the Frankland River. The Chalets were reasonably priced and they have everything you need for a night’s stay. You can cook your own dinner or drive to Walpole for a meal. We went to the Top Deck Cafe in Walpole. We were happy with the food, the service was good too.

life is amazing
Life is amazing!

I discovered some mushroom on the road side. They pushed through tar and gravel road surface and stood like little soldiers. I was so proud of them. Isn’t life amazing?


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