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Give WordPress.com a Try

I am giving WordPress.com a try. Why, you ask?

Warning, this is the start of my 2 seconds rant:

I’v been hosting my personal blog with @bluehost for >5 years now so you would understand how disappointed I felt when my blog (and website) started to go up and down all the time! I enquired and was taken on a wild ride with their Service Desk and Technical Support people. I was told to get a developer to look at my site or upgrade to one of the Bluehost’s new 100% super fast plans. I am not running a business so that was out of the question. I picked them years ago because their plans were suitable for personal hosting. I tried to reach out on Twitter too. Until today, the issue is unresolved and like other frustrated customers, I gave up chasing them. I work in the IT industry so I can call BS when I see one. It’s not a nice feeling to be “handled”! 😱 

That was my 2 seconds rant to the rest of the internet because the target audience does not care to listen.

I’m waiting for my current plan to run out with @bluehost before I close my blog there. I will slowly move all my old posts from my old blog to here. It will “hurt” not being able to have a login to the backend to manage my website – I like the control! I will miss not be able to “hack” any code from the backend too!

I’ve also tried Google‘s Blogger at the same time when I created this blog here. Everyone on earth has a Gmail account, right? It could work REALY well if I can link my Gmail, G+ and blog all together! Remember, the one can have unlimited photo storage at Google! It’s a plus when Microsoft is cutting their 25GB free OneDrive storage down to 5GB and WordPress.com only offers 3 GB total free storage here. I missed the rich GUI and the desktop app that WordPress provides me after trying to build a page and a few posts on Blogger. The GUI might work well on Chrome but it looks terrible on Safari. There is also no desktop or mobile app for Blogger.

Life online can be so harsh sometimes. 🙂 I definitely hope that WordPress.com will give me a better service here. I hope that this will be my home for a while (I already miss my old domain 😃 RIP “Life on Earth”). Wish me luck!

Life On Earth homepage


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