Virtualbox Virtual Machine Fullscreen

Virtualbox is Oracle‘s free Virtual Machine software. It’s fantastic, reliable and FREE! I’ve used it for a few years now and am loving it. I don’t install new virtual machines often but when I do, I struggle with the steps to enable the Virtual Machines to fullscreen mode. I’m writing this down now for future references.

The instuctions in the post assume that the virtual machine has been installed, for example, I would already done these tasks:

  1. donwloaded and installed the virtualbox software from Oracle
  2. downloaded and installed Windows 10 from Microsoft

Now, started the virtual machine and check if the virtual machine is shoing  a thick black frame around it when in fullscreen mode. It means that the virtual machine is not displaying the same size as the host machine when in fullscreen mode.

What needs to happen now is to download and install the “Oracle VM Virtual Machine Extension Pack”, then attached the Guest Addition (installed by installing the Extension Pack) as a CD image to the virtual machines so it can be installed locally on the virtual machines. Detailed steps are:

  • make sure the virtual machine is turned off. Highlight the virtual machine then go to the menu
Oracle VM Manager
  • under devices click on “Insert Guest Additions CD image
Insert Virtualbox Guest Additions as Cd image
  • start up the virtual machine, open the windows file explorer, the CD image should appear as shown in the image below
Virtualbox Guest Additions appears as a CD drive
  • double click on the CD drive and click yes on the prompt shown below
Virtualbox Guest Additions installation
  • restart the virtual machine after installation, now if the virtual machine shows the prompt below, tick “Do not show this message again” and click on “Switch”. Give the virutal machine a few seconds to adjust after the first time setup, afterwards, the virtual machine should remember the state even when its restarted.
Full-screen switch window

Let me know if you have any questions!


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