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Killing Eve

Killing Eve (TV show, web image)

Killing Eve is wicked! I didn’t expect this at all. The two women cross each other’s path in a very unlikely way. They shock each other, they study each other, they chase each other, they were abscessed with each other, then they want to kill each other. There seemed to be an invisible string between these two women. They pull on each others’ nerves all the time. It’s a cat and mouse chasing game, yet, sometimes, they would smoothly switch the role of the cat and the mouse. The storyline keeps you on the edge, thanks to the writers.

The two actresses were superb in this series. You will be impressed with their performances – it’s difficult to tiptoe around the fine line of being normal or a sociopath.

Killing Eve is on iView at the moment, great entertainment for free, enjoy!

PS: I’m trying to quit Netflix. Is it well known that Netflix will keep your data for 10 months in case you rejoin? ✌️ Anyway, I’m definitely on a Netflix rebound ATM!


Sense8 (TV show, web image)


德国狼哥太酷,身材也太好。有他打打杀杀,这个戏有点黑手党的看点。冰岛女,没有什么用,但是人家长的好看,又是DJ,没有她这部戏就80%的看头 – 音乐是这部戏的重头戏!德国狼哥有手枪,韩国姐姐用功夫,打的漂亮极了。那对暖男夫夫,拉丁美洲的帅哥,看的就是他们的颜值。


Sense8 (TV show, web image)



Mary Kills People

Mary Kills People (TV show web image)

Mary Kills People tells the story of Mary Harris, who works at the emergency department of the Eden General Hospital by day but illegally provides the “end of life counsellor” service on the side.

Of course, such a “business” is high maintenance, her life is soon becoming very complicated. The police are on her back, the drug dealer, the sister, the children and her problematic partner.

Weeds (TV show, web image)
Breaking Bad (TV show, web image)

Mary Kills People will remind you of cult shows such as Weeds or Breaking Bad. It’s a bit weird, a bit out of there, a bit dark, and a bit edgy. Mary, Nancy and Walter all have this “life changing” experiences with drugs and drug dealers. Death, on the other side, are all their excuses to the drama they are in, drugs, drug dealers and death. Mary is very attractive while Nancy has the charisma, Walter has his intelligence.

Some say Mary is an advocate of Physician-assisted death, and this show brings up the discussion of euthanasia. The show is portraying death as a moment of celebration – “there is beauty in the inevitable”. It’s never delved into the topic any deeper though. It became just a thing that Mary does. Too much screen time is spent on Mary’s personal life drama.

Season 1 was refreshing but season 2 became a slow burn. Season 3 is showing now. What do you thing? Is it worth watching?




♥ 君莫笑 ♥

Travel Check List

Travel Documents

  • Please check all your travel documentations carefully and contact your travel agencies immediately if you have any queries or problems
  • It’s a good iea to have separate copies of all your documents (including passports) to carry and leave a copy of your itinerary with a relative or friend at home

Airline Reconfirmation

  • Although most airlines do not require you to reconfirm, we strongly recommend checking your flight schedule at least 24 hours prior to departure. Airlines have the right to change flight times and dates without notice


  • Please check that your passport and visas are in order. Most countries require a minimum of 6 months’ validity on your passport. If you are travelling on a non-Australian passport then you must carry correct re-entry documentation.

Baggage Allowances and Regulations

  • We recommend that you check your baggage allowance carefully as you may incur an additional charge for excess baggage.
  • Please check your airline baggage safety notices that detail items that cannont be carrid or only carried in checked baggage. Strict regulations are in place regarding the carrying of liquids, aerosols and gels in hand luggage on all international flights into and out of Australia. Please check with your travel agent or airline for further information or refer to the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government website

Duty-Free Goods

  • These vary depending on your country of destination. We highly recommend you to visit for the latest allowance information

Travel advice

Travel Insurance

  • Carry the following information with you when travel:
    • Provider:
    • Policy number:

Emergency contacts

  • Carry the following information with you when travel:
    • Personal
    • Travel agent

Booking informationReference numberStore name

  • Carry the following information with you when travel:
    • Store Id
    • Consultant Name



  • Servings: 根据饺皮数量自定
  • Difficulty: 简单
  • Print



  • 饺子皮
  • 葱花
  • 食盐
  • 五香粉


  • 将葱切成碎末葱花,放在碗中加入油和五香粉、食盐搅拌均匀备用。将饺子皮放在砧板上,然后将做好的油葱花铺在饺子皮上。

    • 铺完一层后,再在上面盖上一块饺子皮,重复盖上4-5层。

    • 然后用擀面杖,把层叠起来的饺子皮擀成一整张大饼皮。

    • 热锅放油,把擀好的饼皮在锅中煎熟即可。