Road Trip WA 2016 – Denmark

Road Trip Day 2

After a good night sleep, I woke up to cool crisp air. I put on a jacket, picked up a cup of coffee and walked out of our chalet. It was a bit cloudy and the air was the mix of the tree, the flowers and the grass. I wished that I could put them into jars for late (or sell them to China and make millions! 🙂 ). The front lawn felt like a green carpet, slightly wet. The kookaburras and some other birds were already singing and playing amongst the trees. I walked straight down to the river side. The water flows south in a steady pace and on the other side, it was a national park. Giant trees stood there along the banks. The more I looked at them, the more mysterious they seemed. I was fully expecting some kind of monster jumping out of the woods – thank goodness that there was a river protecting me. LOL! What would the monster look like? I hoped that it could not fly! 🙂

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Road Trip WA 2016 – Valley of the Giants

The Tree Top Walk 600-metre walk has a gentle gradient, suitable for children and all ages, including wheelchairs and strollers.

A walk trail links the Tree Top Walk to the Ancient Empire boardwalk where you can get up close and personal to the 400-year-old giants of the forest.

This is the first time I come to the Tree Top Walk in Western Australia.

The Tree Top Walk is located at the Valley of the Giants. Don’t you just love the name! Whenever I saw the name, I always had the image of the Ent from the Lord of the Rings in my mind.

The Valley of the Giants’ website contain good information about the place and everything else related to it. Head over there if you would like to plan for a trip too.

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Road Trip WA 2016 – Walpole & Nornalop

Road Trip Day 1

We planned to leave Perth at 8am. We actually left Perth around 9.30am due to the last minute search of a GPS. I decided not to get upset about it. 🙂

Our first resting stop: Bunbury. It’s been years since I last visited Bunbury. We drove straight to the Marlston Hill Lookout Tower. It was a bit windy at the top of the tower but the view was stunning (see featured photo). It’s a great resting point.

The sandy beach of Bunbury. I took this photo while dad ran onto the beach to chase his hat. 🙂 I caught a photo of him with his arms in the air (trying to hold onto his hat) and his hat floating in the air too (flying away). I laughed every time when I saw that photo.

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Asia Trip 2015 – Sleepless In Hong Kong

Chinese might say that 04/04 is not a lucky number and it could be true – I was very unlucky today.

The flight from Sydney to Hong Kong was delayed and the connecting flight from Hong Kong to Taipei left without me. 😦 Apparently, it was also the last flight for the day to fly over the channel. I was stranded in Hong Kong for the night with just my passport and a wallet in my bag.

This is part of the fun of traveling – dealing with problems on the go, regardless how well I thought my plans were. 🙂 I actually have never been left stranded with no luggage before. I started to look forward to see what else could go wrong now.

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UK Trip 2014 – Long Way Home

It was a long way home indeed! Everything went smoothly but it took me almost a day to get back home! After 6.5 hours of flying from Heathrow to Dubai International, I floated around the airport like a ghost to keep myself awake. I was NOT looking forward to another 10+ hours flight to Sydney even though I kept telling myself that at the end of this trip, there would be a hot shower and my own bed to look forward to! 🙂

The shops were all open at 3am in Dubai International so I bought a few things to support their economy. I soon lost interest because I was so tired that it took more effect to just keep myself awake. I walked around like a zombie for a long while!

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UK Trip 2014 – Live in Greenwich

I stayed in a serviced apartment (Apple Apartments) at GreenwichLondon for a week during this trip. The apartment was nice and new. It was close to trains and shops. Most importantly, it was by the River Thames.

Deutschland leaving London

One afternoon, on my way back to the apartment, I discovered Deutschland. It was right outside of my apartment, stopped in the middle of the Thames, of course. It was scheduled to leave before I was leaving London so I went down to watch it getting towed out of the Thames. People on the ship, assuming Germans, were waving at us so we waved back. 🙂 I was feeling a bit sad because that I had to pack up and leave London too. 就这么我也挥一挥衣袖,不带走一片云彩的离开吧。再想想,原来是因为大家都把云彩留在英国了,所以那里经常下雨呵。

UK Trip 2014 – Road Trip South England

I took the train back to London. It was cold comparing with the barmy 22 degrees in Edinburgh a few hours ago. Nevertheless, I was so excited. Here I come, road trip to south England!

1. Love The Car

My BMW-M135i

First thing first, I needed a car! It was booked a month ago with Avis. The Avis branch can be found inside the St Pancras Station car park. St Pancras Station is cross the road from the King’s Cross Station; one is international and the other is domestic. From the main departure information hall, follow the signals to the Car Park passing Boots, Patisserie Valerie and Pret A Manger. It took me a while to locate it because the office was small, shared with other rental companies (so do not just look for the Avis sign like I did) and it was at the entrance/exit of the car park.

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UK Trip 2014 – Scotland Road Trip

Scotland Road Trip Map

I booked a 3 Day Skye Experience tour with the Highland Experience (Adult Price from £140). The tour would take us from: Edinburgh -> Glasgow -> Stirling -> Glen Coe -> Eilean Donan Castle -> Skye -> Inverness -> Loch ness -> Pitlochry -> Glasgow -> Edinburgh.

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