Other Quotes 其它摘录

  • Let the mediocre ones wallow in modesty
  • No distractions equals deeper thinking
  • Our most valuable possession is not life; it’s the ability to enjoy life.
  • Worry is such a useless emotion
  • He had seen better heads on a beer
  • Walking obituary
  • I came as fast as I could … or as fast as Qantas could
  • Like when pigs fly and woman embrace cellulite
  • Life’s like this carousel,” Lilia laughed. “Full of ups and downs while you go around in circles. Fun while it lasts, but the ride will eventually end.
  • Destiny is only a map you still choose which road to take
  • If I cannot trust you, I simply do not need you.
  • Cherish those who like the truth but be aware those who finds it.

Skilled interrupters use phrases like:

“I see your point, and…”

“I think what you’re saying is important because…”

“To continue with the point you were making…”

Interview Questions to Ask the Employer

* After This Conversation, Do You Have Any Hesitations About My Qualifications?

* Is This a Vacancy, or a New Position (and, if It’s a Vacancy, What’s Up)?

“Our research suggests that if you want your employees to be worthy of trust,” says Levine, “make sure they feel personally responsible for their behaviour and that they expect to feel guilty about wrongdoing.”