How to resize a VirtualBox .vmdk file on MacOS

I’ve allocated 30GB for the Windows 10 VirtualBox virtual machine. That amount of storage was short-lived, I installed Visual Studio and a few other development tools, soon,e I needed to expend/resize the hard disk storage.

I’m running Oracle VM VirtualBox Version 5.1.28, the syntax might change in different version of VirtualBox but the steps are the same:

  • Start a Terminal session. Terminal program is located in Applications -> Utilities -> Terminals
  • My Windows 10 virtual hard disk is in the .vmdk format so I need to convert it to .vdk format first, else I will receive an error like this:

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Virtualbox Virtual Machine Fullscreen

Virtualbox is Oracle‘s free Virtual Machine software. It’s fantastic, reliable and FREE! I’ve used it for a few years now and am loving it. I don’t install new virtual machines often but when I do, I struggle with the steps to enable the Virtual Machines to fullscreen mode. I’m writing this down now for future references.

The instuctions in the post assume that the virtual machine has been installed, for example, I would already done these tasks:

  1. donwloaded and installed the virtualbox software from Oracle
  2. downloaded and installed Windows 10 from Microsoft

Now, started the virtual machine and check if the virtual machine is shoing  a thick black frame around it when in fullscreen mode. It means that the virtual machine is not displaying the same size as the host machine when in fullscreen mode.

What needs to happen now is to download and install the “Oracle VM Virtual Machine Extension Pack”, then attached the Guest Addition (installed by installing the Extension Pack) as a CD image to the virtual machines so it can be installed locally on the virtual machines. Detailed steps are:
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Veronika Decides to Die

 《韦罗妮卡决定去死》(Veronika Decides to Die)是巴西作家保洛·柯尔霍Paulo Coelho)的畅销小说之一,也是我看过的保洛·柯尔霍所著的第四本书。


我是保洛·柯尔霍的忠实读者却每次拿起了这本书又放了下去 – 我不喜欢看悲剧!一个好友前一阵和我谈到保洛·柯尔霍时推荐了这本书,还特地把书借给我。她说此书给她的人生带来了很大的影响,又特地解释,这不是一部悲剧。我在心里叹气,原来我和这本书这么有缘呢!老实说,看完以后,我发现保洛·柯尔霍的其它两本书,《炼金术士》(The Alchemist)和《少女布莱达灵修之旅》(Brida)在我心里的触动更多些。当然,一本好书在每一个读者的脑海里都会留下不同的烙印。



The Detective’s Daughter

The Detective's Daughter by Lesley Thomson
The Detective’s Daughter by Lesley Thomson

The Detective’s Daughter by Lesley Thomson tells me that everyone is a bit OCD!

The daughter of a retired detective tried to solve the last murder her father was working on before he died suddenly. The book is a bit slow, its a crime story, its a bit gloomy and dark, its about family love and the main characters are all a bit OCD.

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I’m Moving!

This place is under renovation. I’m in the process of moving contents from my old blog site to here. Please let me know via the comments area or the contact form if you see a broken link or any other errors. Thanks!

Give a Try

I am giving a try. Why, you ask?

Warning, this is the start of my 2 seconds rant:

I’v been hosting my personal blog with @bluehost for >5 years now so you would understand how disappointed I felt when my blog (and website) started to go up and down all the time! I enquired and was taken on a wild ride with their Service Desk and Technical Support people. I was told to get a developer to look at my site or upgrade to one of the Bluehost’s new 100% super fast plans. I am not running a business so that was out of the question. I picked them years ago because their plans were suitable for personal hosting. I tried to reach out on Twitter too. Until today, the issue is unresolved and like other frustrated customers, I gave up chasing them. I work in the IT industry so I can call BS when I see one. It’s not a nice feeling to be “handled”! 😱 

That was my 2 seconds rant to the rest of the internet because the target audience does not care to listen.

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– 1 –

在五、六年级时程毓龄老师教我们地理,他的地理课有声有色,除了地理也讲些题外话,很有趣,我们听得津津有味,但是因为这样,教学计划常常不能完成,于是五上的课挪到五下讲,以此类推,但是到了六下可就没处推了,怎么办?星期天补课!我早晨经常起不来,礼拜天补课那我更起不来了,因此常常迟到,好在程老师不太管这些,但是有好几次我才到教室门口,程老师就喊我名字了,“辽东半岛盛产什么?”,我还站在门口呢,一时答不出,憋了半天“花生米!”教室里一片哄笑声。“好,坐下,一分。”那时是五级计分制,就这样我一连得了三个“一分”。期末考试快到了,我知道这三个“一分”不是闹着玩的,专心地复习地理,最后考了个五分,可是程老师却因为我的三个一分在成绩单上给了我一个三分,这是不符合“五级计分制”的原则的 。不过我也不去计较,倒是一次在图书馆的走廊上程老师和另一位老师在前面一路走一路说话,我在后面听到一句“曹众这个小孩真聪明”,啊,足够啦。程老师布置的课外作业常是画地图,每个省的地图都要画,就是在地图上和白纸上打格子那种办法徒手画。还经常叫我们“坐火车”,这是很有趣的游戏,比如说出从南京到北京,走哪条线, Continue reading “怀念程老师”

Road Trip WA 2016 – Denmark

Road Trip Day 2

After a good night sleep, I woke up to cool crisp air. I put on a jacket, picked up a cup of coffee and walked out of our chalet. It was a bit cloudy and the air was the mix of the tree, the flowers and the grass. I wished that I could put them into jars for late (or sell them to China and make millions! 🙂 ). The front lawn felt like a green carpet, slightly wet. The kookaburras and some other birds were already singing and playing amongst the trees. I walked straight down to the river side. The water flows south in a steady pace and on the other side, it was a national park. Giant trees stood there along the banks. The more I looked at them, the more mysterious they seemed. I was fully expecting some kind of monster jumping out of the woods – thank goodness that there was a river protecting me. LOL! What would the monster look like? I hoped that it could not fly! 🙂

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