up When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.down

Ansel Adams ​

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I have freelanced as a photographer for weddings, events and bands in my spare time. Below are some of my past projects:

Australian Computing Society

Event photos for Australian Computing Society (ACS)‘s 2014 Annual Conference:

For more photos, please visit: ACS Canberra’s Photo Gallery

Charlie Greaser

Charlie Greaser wanted some band photos so we met on a Sunday. The boys were a bit tense in front of the camera. This published photo in front of a shed was taken when we were calling the quits – look how relaxed they are! I feel that it’s a shame this photo was printed in black and white in the magazine, because the base guitar had a great colour and shine on it!

Captain Reckless

Charlie Greaser and Captain Reckless had a gig in Sydney and a scheduled recording session. I was excited that I could hang around while they record in a professional recording studio. I was told that Silver Chair was recording in the very same recording studio weeks ago. That’s pretty cool and they are pretty cool too! 🙂

Days later, I thought it was interesting that the photo they picked to publish in the Renegades magazine was the one I took in the recording studio, not at the gig. In the photo, both men were taking a quick break from the recording and seemed in deep thoughts.

Funny Money

I took the production photos for the stage show: Funny Money. The photos were used in the promotional booklet and for an article in Canberra Weekly. I was very excited to take part in an official publication. I was invited to watch the show and enjoyed a fantastic evening with a group of friends. It was a win win situation! 🙂

Funny Money Related Link

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