Veronika Decides to Die

 《韦罗妮卡决定去死》(Veronika Decides to Die)是巴西作家保洛·柯尔霍Paulo Coelho)的畅销小说之一,也是我看过的保洛·柯尔霍所著的第四本书。


我是保洛·柯尔霍的忠实读者却每次拿起了这本书又放了下去 – 我不喜欢看悲剧!一个好友前一阵和我谈到保洛·柯尔霍时推荐了这本书,还特地把书借给我。她说此书给她的人生带来了很大的影响,又特地解释,这不是一部悲剧。我在心里叹气,原来我和这本书这么有缘呢!老实说,看完以后,我发现保洛·柯尔霍的其它两本书,《炼金术士》(The Alchemist)和《少女布莱达灵修之旅》(Brida)在我心里的触动更多些。当然,一本好书在每一个读者的脑海里都会留下不同的烙印。



The Detective’s Daughter

The Detective's Daughter by Lesley Thomson
The Detective’s Daughter by Lesley Thomson

The Detective’s Daughter by Lesley Thomson tells me that everyone is a bit OCD!

The daughter of a retired detective tried to solve the last murder her father was working on before he died suddenly. The book is a bit slow, its a crime story, its a bit gloomy and dark, its about family love and the main characters are all a bit OCD.

The detective’s daughter ran a cleaning company and she was obsessed about cleanliness. From what I read, most of her clients were also obsessed about cleanliness. Lesley spent decent amount of words on describing how the cleaning company performed their work and I was very impressed with their attention to details. I would get them to clean my house once a year in that format. Who on earth would do that amount of cleaning every week though? Those clients of hers, with OCD, I say! Everyone else in the book also seemed obsessed about something in their lives: let it be traveling on Google Street View before every trip, or live in someone’s house without “the host” knowing, or stalk your ex at work, then everywhere else… I actually would call some of the characters’ traits more psychopathic than OCD.

The detective’s love for his daughter was hardly appreciated when he was alive. He was blamed for spending more time at his work than with his family. That, I suppose would be many fathers’ “crime”. His daughter learned the hardship of being a detective through the journey of discovering the murderer. It was too late then. Why don’t we appreciate our parents enough when they are still with us?

The book started a bit slow and then carried on in the same pace. If you love a fast paced gripping thriller such as The Da Vinci Code, then this is definitely not for you. The book required a bit patience to get into and/or to finish. People like me – the kind who had to finish the book when it’s started, would just be able to finish it. The story began 20 years ago and was developed at a few locations with a few characters. One of the character in the book used Google Street View as a traveling/stalking tool. I was intrigued by this idea and looked up the locations mentioned in the book on Google Map, and found that this excise put the story more into perspective for me, or maybe, the book was not attractive and I had to do something to spice it up!

2 out of 5 stars from me. Read this book if you would like to experience the snowy wet and London‘s cold winter.

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