Charlie Greaser and Captain Reckless

Captain Reckless and Charlie Greaser

I went to Sydney to take some photos for Charlie Greaser and Captain Reckless’s gig. It turned out that they had a scheduled recording session during the day. I was very excited to be invited to watch. I went with my camera. This was my first time in a professional recording studio so everything was new and interesting. 🙂 I was told that Silver Chair was recording in the very same recording studio weeks ago. How cool!

That night, I went to the club to watch, I mean to take photos for Captain Reckless and Charlie Greaser. It was a great gig and they are such cool guys!

Days later, I thought it was interesting that the photo they picked to publish in the Renegades magazine was the one I took in the recording studio, not at the gig. In the photo, both men were taking a quick break from recording and seemed in deep thoughts of something else, not at the camera! 🙂