UK Trip 2014 – Long Way Home

It was a long way home indeed! Everything went smoothly but it took me almost a day to get back home! After 6.5 hours of flying from Heathrow to Dubai International, I floated around the airport like a ghost to keep myself awake. I was NOT looking forward to another 10+ hours flight to Sydney even though I kept telling myself that at the end of this trip, there would be a hot shower and my own bed to look forward to! 🙂

The shops were all open at 3am in Dubai International so I bought a few things to support their economy. I soon lost interest because I was so tired that it took more effect to just keep myself awake. I walked around like a zombie for a long while!

On the Sydney to Dubai flight, the girl who was sitting next to me cried her eyes out watching the Winter’s Tale so I watched RoboCop (2014) instead. It was okay, nothing special. 😦 To continue on the super hero theme, I put on Captain America: the Winter Soldier. Again, nothing special. The plane landed in Dubai when I was half way through the Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I was able to finish it on the next flight. On the flight to Sydney, I opt to Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and Frasier Season 1 box set, hoping that it would put me into sleep! 🙂 It did not work; I ended up watching the whole box set – a great Australian drama!

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UK Trip 2014 – Live in Greenwich

I stayed in a serviced apartment (Apple Apartments) at GreenwichLondon for a week during this trip. The apartment was nice and new. It was close to trains and shops. Most importantly, it was by the River Thames.

Deutschland leaving London

One afternoon, on my way back to the apartment, I discovered Deutschland. It was right outside of my apartment, stopped in the middle of the Thames, of course. It was scheduled to leave before I was leaving London so I went down to watch it getting towed out of the Thames. People on the ship, assuming Germans, were waving at us so we waved back. 🙂 I was feeling a bit sad because that I had to pack up and leave London too. 就这么我也挥一挥衣袖,不带走一片云彩的离开吧。再想想,原来是因为大家都把云彩留在英国了,所以那里经常下雨呵。

UK Trip 2014 – Road Trip South England

I took the train back to London. It was cold comparing with the barmy 22 degrees in Edinburgh a few hours ago. Nevertheless, I was so excited. Here I come, road trip to south England!

1. Love The Car

My BMW-M135i

First thing first, I needed a car! It was booked a month ago with Avis. The Avis branch can be found inside the St Pancras Station car park. St Pancras Station is cross the road from the King’s Cross Station; one is international and the other is domestic. From the main departure information hall, follow the signals to the Car Park passing Boots, Patisserie Valerie and Pret A Manger. It took me a while to locate it because the office was small, shared with other rental companies (so do not just look for the Avis sign like I did) and it was at the entrance/exit of the car park.

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UK Trip 2014 – Scotland Road Trip

Scotland Road Trip Map

I booked a 3 Day Skye Experience tour with the Highland Experience (Adult Price from £140). The tour would take us from: Edinburgh -> Glasgow -> Stirling -> Glen Coe -> Eilean Donan Castle -> Skye -> Inverness -> Loch ness -> Pitlochry -> Glasgow -> Edinburgh.

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UK Trip 2014 – Edinburgh

I love Edinburgh!

The receptionist at the hotel told me that it would be quicker to go to the King’s Cross train station by the Tube than taxi. It took me 30min on the Tube from Gloucester Road to the King’s Cross train station, not difficult at all.

Not many people were at the Platform 9 3/4 so I had a photo taken in front of it. 🙂 By 9am, there was a long queue of people waiting to take photo there and the station staff had to put signs around to keep things in order.

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UK Trip 2014 – London

The flight was so long. I kept walking around, eat (funny that I still felt hungry even though I did nothing but sitting there), nap and watch movies:

I took Ben’s advise and booked a car with Swift. The driver held a name card at the arrival and we were at the hotel within 30min. Continue reading “UK Trip 2014 – London”

UK Trip 2014 – Dubai

Etisalat, Dubai

Last night, I booked a taxi to pick me up at 3am this morning. This morning, after another 2 calls to the taxi company, finally, at 3.40am, I was picked up by a taxi and headed for the airport. It turned out that it was not easy to get a taxi on an early Friday morning. Sydney taxi drivers only do “individual jobs” which means that they would not let you share taxi with others. What do you do then? Keep calling taxi until you get one, I guess. 😮 The trip to Sydney International from the hotel was only 10 minutes yet it created so much drama.

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UK Trip 2014 – Overnight in Sydney

MonkeyI was still packing when Chris came to pick me up for the airport. 🙂 I definitely started packing early this time but still, it became a last minute thing again. The Qantas flight was late as usual (One day, they will surprise me by being on time). The airport hotel Sydney for a night of transit is as boring as it can be. I don’t even get a phone in the room! Oh well, I really just need a place to sleep for a few hours.

Sydney is wet but I’m going out for a walk – its time to catch up with the Anderson family for dinner. 🙂

I will be in London tomorrow, yay! The gangster monkey is breaking out!

UK Trip 2014 – Planning


I’m so excited that I am planning my trip to UK! I’ve always wanted to visit UK, it feels like a dream becoming true!

First thing first, Matt “educated” me with the Youtube video below on the differences between UK, England and the Great Britain. It turned out that UK = United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The fact that I’m only going to Britain + Scotland + Wales (if I have time), not Ireland, I should really tell people that I’m going to England, not UK. Watch the Youtube video, it’s pretty fun!

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