Asia Trip 2015 – I Love Taipei

I was exhausted when I arrived in Taipei after my unplanned stay in Hong Kong. It seemed that I was still the first of my group to arrive in Taipei. At least, this time, I had my luggage with me. I found a charger and hogged the free airport wifi again!

Just a few funny wifi names

It turned out that my flight from Hong Kong was considered domestic and I arrived in Terminal 1. Meanwhile, everyone else in my group who flew over from Australia had arrived in the international Terminal 2. There were only 2 terminals in Taipei airport but you would need to catch a train to get from one to another. Grrr, I waited for 30 minutes in the wrong Terminal until the rest of my group reached me on Skype when I got online. Actually, it was not a total wast of time, I managed to charge my phone and checked my email! 😃

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How To Make Japanese Pickled Ginger

It’s all over the net at the moment – ginger is the essential healthy power food! I don’t put a lot of ginger in my cooking but I love to eat Japanese pickled ginger from time to time. This is a recipe I’ve been using. The result was great, even mum gave it a thumbs up. Here is the VERY simple recipe on how to make Janpanese pickled ginger:


Japanese Pickled Ginger Recipe

pickled ginger

My pickled ginger. They were fantastic!

Sydney Weekender

The Rocks, Sydney


Food in Sydney

The Sydney Weekender (me) is back in town for my Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb and looking forward to spend time hanging out with friends.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb was given to me for my b’day this year. I wrote the story here.

I think that we run out new things to do in Sydney these days so I basically just eat and drink when we are in town… Here are some of the highlights: