UK Trip 2014 – Live in Greenwich

I stayed in a serviced apartment (Apple Apartments) at GreenwichLondon for a week during this trip. The apartment was nice and new. It was close to trains and shops. Most importantly, it was by the River Thames.

Deutschland leaving London

One afternoon, on my way back to the apartment, I discovered Deutschland. It was right outside of my apartment, stopped in the middle of the Thames, of course. It was scheduled to leave before I was leaving London so I went down to watch it getting towed out of the Thames. People on the ship, assuming Germans, were waving at us so we waved back. 🙂 I was feeling a bit sad because that I had to pack up and leave London too. 就这么我也挥一挥衣袖,不带走一片云彩的离开吧。再想想,原来是因为大家都把云彩留在英国了,所以那里经常下雨呵。

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