UK Trip 2014 – Live in Greenwich

I stayed in a serviced apartment (Apple Apartments) at Greenwich, London for a week during this trip. The apartment was nice and new. It was close to trains and shops. Most importantly, it was by the River Thames. One afternoon, on my way back to the apartment, I discovered Deutschland. It was right outside of my apartment, stopped in … Continue reading UK Trip 2014 – Live in Greenwich

UK Trip 2014 – London

The flight was so long. I kept walking around, eat (funny that I still felt hungry even though I did nothing but sitting there), nap and watch movies: Bones season 8 - seem them all before, just killing time Gravity - meh, its okay The Grand Budapest Hotel - I loved it! It's witty, smart, … Continue reading UK Trip 2014 – London

UK Trip 2014 – Oyster Card

My visitor's Oyster Card arrived today. If you want to get an Oyster Card before travelling to London, do a Google search to find an agent in your own country so you can purchase the card in your local currency. Transport for London has more information on the Oyster Card and a list of agents around the world. London, … Continue reading UK Trip 2014 – Oyster Card