Mac Tips

Command+F2 to enable screen sharing on iMac when thunderbolt is connected Hold Shift to start in safe mode Automator saves to ~/Library/Workflows/Applications/ Remove Cache: <Mac HD>\library Folders:     Saved Application State     Caches     LaunchAgents Copy mail rules ~/Library/Mail/V2/MailData/SyncedRules.plist Restore this file from a backup. Restart Re-enable the rules. How to … Continue reading Mac Tips

iMessage Not Showing on Multiple Mac

Problem: SMS texts messages are received on iPhone fine but is only forwarded to one of the Macs, regardless of the model of Mac. I have a slick Mac Air that I take with me everywhere and a sexy iMac at home. To keep all my offline data synced, I find it easier sometimes just to restore … Continue reading iMessage Not Showing on Multiple Mac

TextWrangler Codeless Language Module

I have always been using text files to manage my todo lists but only recently been enlightened of the Todo.txt concept. This post will teach you how to write and deploy a markup definition file for TextWrangler on Mac so it will automatically highlight your Todo.txt like this: Tools to use: Todo.txt TextWrangler Notes on the tools: The concept of the Todo.txt is very … Continue reading TextWrangler Codeless Language Module

How to Enable Trackpad Dragging on OS X

Problem: I have recently updated the OS X to Yosemite on my Mac Air. All was good except that the "double tab on the trackpad to drag an item around the screen" function stopped working. I had a look around in the System Preference but couldn't find anything. Mainly because I didn't know that the … Continue reading How to Enable Trackpad Dragging on OS X