Mac Tips

Command+F2 to enable screen sharing on iMac when thunderbolt is connected

Hold Shift to start in safe mode

Automator saves to ~/Library/Workflows/Applications/

Remove Cache:

<Mac HD>\library


    Saved Application State



Copy mail rules


Restore this file from a backup.


Re-enable the rules.

How to do a Network dump

sudo tcpdump -i en0 -s 0 -B 524288 -w ~/Desktop/DumpFile01.pcap

tcpdump -s 0 -n -e -x -vvv -r ~/Desktop/DumpFile01.pcap > ~/desktop/out.txt

Resize Images in the Terminal

sips -z 768 1024 image.png

sips -Z 480 image.png

sips -Z 300 *.png (whole directory, do it in a folder)

Make Your Library Folder Visible

Like in Lion, your user library folder is hidden by default. That makes a number of things a pain, but it’s really easily fixed. Just copy the following line of code, and paste it into Terminal:

chflags nohidden /Users/USERNAME/Library

chflags nohidden /Users/melissa/Downloads/”Path to File.txt”

chflags hidden /Users/melissa/Downloads/”Path to File.txt”

Enable Key Repeat

One of the other holdover issues from Lion is the lack of key repeat. That’s where you hold down the L key when typing helllllllllll no. To re-enable it, you just need to paste this into Terminal, and then restart:

defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false


Internet Recovery (command–option-R) ≠ Recovery (command–R). Recovery uses a local partition on your disk, whereas Internet Recovery loads an environment on-demand. The latter will always load one to install the original version of OS, whereas the regular Recovery will always load the version that matches its own version.

iMessage Not Showing on Multiple Mac


SMS texts messages are received on iPhone fine but is only forwarded to one of the Macs, regardless of the model of Mac.

I have a slick Mac Air that I take with me everywhere and a sexy iMac at home. To keep all my offline data synced, I find it easier sometimes just to restore my Mac Air to the iMac or vice versa. The restoring process is not difficult, just use the Migration Assistant with the connection to a Apple Time Machine.

I soon find out that the SMS text messages that I receive on my iPhone would only be forwarded to one of the Macs, not both. I turned off iMessage on the iPhone then enabled it again but I can only see one of the Macs displayed under the Text Message Forwarding option. For example:



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TextWrangler Codeless Language Module

I have always been using text files to manage my todo lists but only recently been enlightened of the Todo.txt concept. This post will teach you how to write and deploy a markup definition file for TextWrangler on Mac so it will automatically highlight your Todo.txt like this:


Tools to use:

Notes on the tools:

The concept of the Todo.txt is very simple. There are only 3 rules to follow:

  • Priority e.g. (A), (B), (C) and I added (U) for undecided
  • Project e.g. +Health
  • Context e.g. @home
  • Search string e.g.X 2014-00-00 Search string (A).*\+work

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How to Enable Trackpad Dragging on OS X


I have recently updated the OS X to Yosemite on my Mac Air. All was good except that the “double tab on the trackpad to drag an item around the screen” function stopped working. I had a look around in the System Preference but couldn’t find anything. Mainly because I didn’t know that the “double tabbing on the trackpad to drag stuff on the screen” action was actually called “Trackpad Dragging“! Else, it would be so much easier to search the Mac or the Internet for a fix. I tried to live without of it but soon the annoyance was creeping up on me. After a bit of persistent research, I found where Apple hid the option to enable “Trackpad Dragging“. The following explains How to Enable Trackpad Dragging on OS X:


  1. Go to System Preference system-preference Continue reading “How to Enable Trackpad Dragging on OS X”

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