eBooks: iBooks Author or Pages

I am a big fan of eBooks. I have many eBooks in formats other than .epub so I wanted to convert them into the proper eBook format - ePub. How difficult can it be? It turns out that its easy to make your own eBooks as long as you know the basic rules and tools. Tools to use: … Continue reading eBooks: iBooks Author or Pages

Publish Razor to GoDaddy via Visual Studio

It's not difficult to find a few discussion forums on How to Publish Razor to GoDaddy via Visual Studio 2013 on Google. In this post, I will attempt to write down my own experiences and summarise some issues that I've encountered: Tools to use: GoDaddy Windows (Plesk) shared hosting account that supports .Net 4.0 Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Enterprise Publish an Razor … Continue reading Publish Razor to GoDaddy via Visual Studio