Killing Eve

Killing Eve (TV show, web image) Killing Eve is wicked! I didn't expect this at all. The two women cross each other's path in a very unlikely way. They shock each other, they study each other, they chase each other, they were abscessed with each other, then they want to kill each other. There seemed … Continue reading Killing Eve


Sense8 (TV show, web image) 《超感猎杀》这个电视剧我倒是完完整整的看了一遍。8个人共享感官原来是这种体验。 德国狼哥太酷,身材也太好。有他打打杀杀,这个戏有点黑手党的看点。冰岛女,没有什么用,但是人家长的好看,又是DJ,没有她这部戏就80%的看头 - 音乐是这部戏的重头戏!德国狼哥有手枪,韩国姐姐用功夫,打的漂亮极了。那对暖男夫夫,拉丁美洲的帅哥,看的就是他们的颜值。 超感组的几位都是边缘人物,同性恋,悲催身世,通缉罪犯,异能,异族恋,黑暗机构,应有尽有。可见编剧的一片苦心。他们几个神人的背后必然会有一个组要织追杀要灭了他们。几个俊男靓女做做做啪啪啪之后,还要忙着反追杀,反人类,很是幸苦。 Sense8 (TV show, web image) 戏的配角,配景,配乐都是上品,看着听着就会上瘾。几个俊男靓女非常养眼。做做做啪啪啪的镜头太多,若是没有删节的原版,一定是18🈲️的! 开始的情节比较紧凑,后面打来打去,不过如此,也没有什么新意。好在编剧见好就收,反而让人觉得意犹未尽。聪明!想要消遣的话,这部戏可以一看,3/5颗星。

Mary Kills People

Mary Kills People (TV show web image) Mary Kills People tells the story of Mary Harris, who works at the emergency department of the Eden General Hospital by day but illegally provides the “end of life counsellor” service on the side. Of course, such a "business" is high maintenance, her life is soon becoming very complicated. The … Continue reading Mary Kills People

The Detective’s Daughter

The Detective’s Daughter by Lesley Thomson tells me that everyone is a bit OCD! The daughter of a retired detective tried to solve the last murder her father was working on before he died suddenly. The book is a bit slow, its a crime story, its a bit gloomy and dark, its about family love and … Continue reading The Detective’s Daughter