Asia Trip 2015 – I Love Taipei

I was exhausted when I arrived in Taipei after my unplanned stay in Hong Kong. I was still the first of my group to arrive in Taipei. This time, my luggage finally arrived too! I found a charger and hogged the free airport wifi, no surprise there!

Just a few funny wifi names

It turned out that my flight from Hong Kong was considered domestic so I arrived in the Terminal 1. Meanwhile, everyone else from my group who flew over from Australia had arrived in the international Terminal 2. There were only 2 terminals in Taipei airport but you would need to catch a train to get from one to another. Grrr, I waited for 30 minutes in the wrong Terminal until one of them called me on Skype. Actually, it was not a total wast of time, I managed to charge my phone and checked my email! 😃

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