Asia Trip 2015 – Sleepless In Hong Kong

Chinese might say that 04/04 is not a lucky number and it could be true – I was very unlucky today.

The flight from Sydney to Hong Kong was delayed and the connecting flight from Hong Kong to Taipei left without me. 😦 Apparently, it was also the last flight for the day to fly over the channel. I was stranded in Hong Kong for the night with just my passport and a wallet in my bag.

This is part of the fun of traveling – dealing with problems on the go, regardless how well I thought my plans were. 🙂 I actually have never been left stranded with no luggage before. I started to look forward to see what else could go wrong now.

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UK Trip 2014 – Dubai

Etisalat, Dubai

Last night, I booked a taxi to pick me up at 3am this morning. This morning, after another 2 calls to the taxi company, finally, at 3.40am, I was picked up by a taxi and headed for the airport. It turned out that it was not easy to get a taxi on an early Friday morning. Sydney taxi drivers only do “individual jobs” which means that they would not let you share taxi with others. What do you do then? Keep calling taxi until you get one, I guess. 😮 The trip to Sydney International from the hotel was only 10 minutes yet it created so much drama.

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UK Trip 2014 – Overnight in Sydney

IMG_4520-e1401953626472I was still packing when Chris came to pick me up for the airport. 🙂 I definitely started packing early this time but still, it became a last minute thing again. The Qantas flight was late as usual (One day, they will surprise me by being on time). The airport hotel Sydney for a night of transit is as boring as it can be. I don’t even get a phone in the room! Oh well, I really just need a place to sleep for a few hours.

Sydney is wet but I’m going out for a walk – its time to catch up with the Anderson family for dinner. 🙂

I will be in London tomorrow, yay! The gangster monkey is breaking out!


Sydney Weekender

The Rocks, Sydney


Food in Sydney

The Sydney Weekender (me) is back in town for my Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb and looking forward to spend time hanging out with friends.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb was given to me for my b’day this year. I wrote the story here.

I think that we run out new things to do in Sydney these days so I basically just eat and drink when we are in town… Here are some of the highlights:

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Sydney Bridge Climb Trip
Sydney Bridge Climb Trip

A ticket for a full 3 hours Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb was given to me for my birthday this year (thank you John!! 💕 ). I have to say that I always thought the climb was an overpriced tourist thing so I have never done it. Nevertheless, I was excited to wake up at 3am (I’ve hardly slept!) to get ready for the climb.

We were very lucky that we were in a 5 people only group, comparing with the usual 10-15 people groups. Everyone got to know each other quickly and we were able to complete the pre-training ahead of schedule. Because everyone was chained to the side of the bridge and had to walk in a line the whole time, a big group would waste a lot of time on waiting for slow walker etc. With only 5 people, we were able to chat with each other or stop whenever we wanted for photos etc. The guide was a cute young guy. 😂 He told us lots stories and history about the bridge. For example, did you know that a diamond ring was lost during a proposal on top of the bridge? Every since then, if one plan for a proposal on top of the bridge, one need to chain the ring on the wrist. If the girl says yes, then the ring will be transferred to her finger without leaving the chain. 😅 FYI, the lost diamond ring was not recovered so look carefully when you walk on the bridge. haha…

The view on top of the bridge was amazing. We could see the rain on the left hand side of the sky yet on the other side, the sun rose behind the clouds. We were given “survival packs” to be chained on ourselves. I was so glad to find a jumper in it because it was freezing on the top of the bridge.

We had such a good time that I’m totally converted. If you plan to visit Sydney, book for a Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb and ask the guide to tell you the story about how they made it happen for Oprah in 2010.

Deep Purple

Simon organised for a few of us to go and see Deep Purple in concert. I did not grow up with Deep Purple but I sure have a few of their albums in my iTunes library. Simon is a big fan! 😂 It was a good night out with friends and Deep Purple put on a fantastic concert – they clearly still got it! Tonight is definitely one for the memory bank. 👻

Chinese New Year Celebration In Sydney

I’m in town so this afternoon, we went to see the Chinese New Year celebration in the City of Sydney. I wished that they would have hung more of the red lanterns to boost up the atmosphere. The entertainment for this kind of event is never interesting. Four of us spent most of our time queuing up for food. The food was good though! 😜