Mac Tips

Command+F2 to enable screen sharing on iMac when thunderbolt is connected Hold Shift to start in safe mode Automator saves to ~/Library/Workflows/Applications/ Remove Cache: <Mac HD>\library Folders:     Saved Application State     Caches     LaunchAgents Copy mail rules ~/Library/Mail/V2/MailData/SyncedRules.plist Restore this file from a backup. Restart Re-enable the rules. How to … Continue reading Mac Tips

SQL 2017 Machine Learning and Vulnerability Assessment

I'm in the porcess of migrating and upgrading all previous versions of SQL server instances to 2016 at this stage. I've started to read about SQL 2017 and cannot wait to test a few new features out. Vulnerability Assessment (VA) is a new feature of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 2017 builds. I've tried it … Continue reading SQL 2017 Machine Learning and Vulnerability Assessment

Visual Studio 2017 Prompts For Login

Problem: I'm not very sure why Visual Studio 2017 continuously prompts me for login today. I entered the username and login successfully then the prompt never disappears and I could not access my VSTS. Solution: After some Googling, I found a post discussing the issue. In summary: There is an issue with the update installer which … Continue reading Visual Studio 2017 Prompts For Login

How to resize a VirtualBox .vmdk file on MacOS

I've allocated 30GB for the Windows 10 VirtualBox virtual machine. That amount of storage was short-lived, I installed Visual Studio and a few other development tools, soon,e I needed to expend/resize the hard disk storage. I'm running Oracle VM VirtualBox Version 5.1.28, the syntax might change in different version of VirtualBox but the steps are the same: Start … Continue reading How to resize a VirtualBox .vmdk file on MacOS

Virtualbox Virtual Machine Fullscreen

Virtualbox is Oracle's free Virtual Machine software. It's fantastic, reliable and FREE! I've used it for a few years now and am loving it. I don't install new virtual machines often but when I do, I struggle with the steps to enable the Virtual Machines to fullscreen mode. I'm writing this down now for future … Continue reading Virtualbox Virtual Machine Fullscreen