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I’ve had the Twenty Seventeen template by WordPress for too long, its header picture started to annoy me 🙂 … Editor by Array had caught my eye today, mainly because of its typeface and styles (see Style Guide).

The new template almost feels like a new start point. Hopefully, this new template will keep me more focused and motivate me to write more. 


RSPCA Pet Quiz Website

I’m giving myself a 🌟 for finishing a little volunteer project for RSPCA ACT. 🙂

The idea is to create a website that contains a Pet Quiz where people answer a few questions to find out what kind of pet is the best suitable for them. The logic for the website is pretty simple so I kept the design simple and clean too. The website is going to be used on iPads in RSPCA ACT’s booth at this year’s Florida (URL: http://rspcapetquiz.com).
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